A biting satire, that re-works the classic Christmas parable in austerity Britain
A biting satire, that re-works the classic Christmas parable in austerity Britain 

Political Economy

  • John Bellers: Essays about the Poor
    • Essays about the poor &c. is the second pamphlet John Bellers published on the organization of production, education and employment as a way to end poverty. The first being his Proposals for Raising a College of Industry, to which the second pamphlet refers and expands upon. 
      John Bellers (1654 - 1725) lived in London and was an active member of the Society of Friends. Like others at this time, he quoted from the Bible or 'Holy Scriptures' to evidence his reasoning and conclusions.
  • Proposals for Raising a College of Industry
    • Proposals for Raising a College of Industry was first published in 1695 during the "seven lean years", a period of economic depression when poverty increased due to falling wages and the want of work.

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